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Environmental Marine is proud to introduce Planus toilets, bidets, and greywater sumps to our already-extensive inventory of marine plumbing products. Planus offers the widest variety of toilet styles in the marine market, from traditional to elegant to ultra-modern. The reliable and powerful Vortex macerator pump is used in all Planus toilets and greywater sumps, allowing your Planus systems to pump to holding tanks as high as 9 meters above, or as far as 80 meters distant. From wall mount to compact to carbon fiber, we have a Planus toilet to suit your needs, and all the parts to go with them. Feel free to use our website to explore the available configurations of the full Planus marine toilet range.

Additional color options may be available for some toilets as a special order from the manufacturer. While parts may be ordered online, and complete toilets may be optioned out on our website, ordering of complete Planus toilets must be done over the phone with our sales team at (800) 522-2656. Planus toilets are not at all complicated, but they are offered with a variety of options and are not bundled with control panels or water supply valves, which themselves come in different variants. To ensure order accuracy we will walk you through everything and ensure you get all the equipment you’ll need for your project.