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Max Q+ Series and Filters/Parts

MaxQ+ Framed     MaxQ+ Modular     MaxQ+ APC/DTS

    fci-maxq-plus-modular-hp.jpg     fci-maxq-plus-apc-dts-s.jpg

The MaxQ+ Framed unit is the industry's only Marine Certified HMI/PLC touch screen V4 control system. It includes exclusive NEMA 4X rated enclosures and valves for safety and protection in harsh environments. Eight-point vibration isolation provides exceptionally quiet operation.

    The MaxQ+ Modular system is provided in separate components for flexibility in fitting to your installation space.  It includes the industry's only Marine Certified HMI/PLC touch screen V4 control system, and our FCI exclusive NEMA 4X rated enclosures and valves for safety and protection in harsh environments.    

 The Max-Q+APC/DTS is the flagship of the series, containing 3 systems in 1 compact frame: Watermaker, Double-pass Spot-free Seawater Purifier, and Spot-free Dockside Treatment System for municipal feed water.

The MaxQ+ Series is not available for purchase online.   Call us for details on the MaxQ+ Series at 800-522-2656.