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Aquamiser+ Series and Filters/Parts 250-800 GPD

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The Aquamiser+ Series offers the exclusive AQ3 Control System allowing remote display capability and programmable settings with a fully automated Fresh Water Flush system. Scheduled flushes, once a week or more frequently, will help maintain and keep your Watermaker fresh and ready for your next voyage.  With outputs of 250-1,800 GPD, this series has a solution for your purified water needs. In addition to remote monitoring and control capabilities, Commercial Pre-filters are standard on 1,200 and 1,800 GPD units; and a no-cost upgrade for 250-800 GPD output systems when chosen at the time of order.  The Aquamiser+ marine reverse osmosis systems are also DTS+ (Dockside Treatment System) compatible. 

The Aquamiser+ Series is not available for purchase online.   Call us for details on the Aquamiser+ Series at 800-522-2656.