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Murray Hose Worm Clamps

High quality 316 Stainless Steel Embossed (Non-Perforated)  Worm Gear Clamps. These clamps  have rolled edges to prevent cutting or digging into soft hoses such as silicone hose. They are available in 9mm & 12mm band widths. The 9mm width are useful with short hose barbs to allow double clamp installation without the clamp riding off the end of the hose barb. These clamps are available for most hose diameters.  We stock them for diameters up to 70mm or 2-3/4” outside diameter hose.

We’ve tried different clamps and found these to be as durable, corrosion resistant and as gentle to hoses as the more expensive European brands.  We even soaked them in salt water for a month along with other brands of clamps and found the Murray Clamps to be as good or better than the others. They showed no sign of rust even after 30 days in sea water.