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1 - We are the Southeast Master Sanitation distributor for Dometic: including toiletstanks, macerators, vacuum generators, water heaters. We carry almost all parts for each category in stock, have fast shipping, and the best prices on the web.

2 - Yes, we do have bilingual technicians – Call and ask for Fernando or Miguel.

3 - Before ordering parts for your toilet locate the model number of the toilet. If you own a step on foot pedal toilet the model number is underneath the shroud that wraps around the base. For a tall base toilet mounted directly to the floor it will be held together by a Phillips-head screw. For a short base toilet mounted up on a step there will be a tab behind the foot pedal holding it together. Once the shroud is removed there will be a sticker on the base itself. If you own an electronic toilet the sticker is located on the back inside wall of the porcelain.

4 -There are many different configurations to pumps, tanks & vacuum systems. To find out which unit you have normally there is a sticker located on the tanks or motors of the unit indicating the voltage and which system it is. If you don’t find any sticker take a photo of the complete unit & email it to us so we can identify it for you.

5 - We list most parts on our website but if you do not find what you’re looking for we have another website that has many diagrams of toilets, tanks, vacuum generators at if there is any part that you cannot find info on give us a call and we can help determine what it is.

6 - The old Leeson motors are no longer available. (Part # 310245 12Volt and 310246 24Volt). You will need to upgrade using the whisper motor upgrade kit which includes a new motor, bellows, clamps, and O-rings. All these parts need to be installed because the new whisper motor has a longer throw and the old bellows would bottom out in the pump body. 12Volt upgrade kit 385311423 24Volt upgrade kit 385311424

7 - The 2 part bowl seals have changed over the years and have led to much confusion over what seal should be used on what model toilet. All foot pedal vacuum toilets should use 385311462 seals. All foot pedal traveler toilets can use 385316140 but newer models without drain holes in the bowl (2001 or newer) should also use the newer 385311462 seal without drain holes. Some owner’s manuals call for the part # 385310677, this seal is no longer available and you should use the 385311462.

8 - The Eco Holding Tank Vent Filter is the replacement filter if you own any existing SaniGard Vent Filter. It comes with the fittings to accommodate to any 5/8”, ¾”, 1” & 1 ½” hose sizes inside diameter. 

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