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DTS+ Series and Filters/Parts

The FCI DTS+ Series provides superior spot-free water from your municipal or dockside source, while achieving up to 90% recovery rate for increased production and less waste.


The FCI DTS+Mobile provides boaters with a mobile, spot-free solution from a dockside or municipal source. Simply attach your water supply hose for purified spot-free water for rinsing. The DTS+Mobile system removes up to 99% of total dissolved solids (TDS), purifying water, and leads to a spot-free shine. The DTS+Mobile puts an end to tedious, time-consuming maintenance. Extend the life of your vessel’s paint and wax finishes, and spend less time wiping down, polishing, and applying the compound. Dark-colored hulls? No problem. Eliminate pitting and water spot etching, and make quick work of eisenglass, motor, galleys, and metal work. With zero hard water buildup, maintaining your rods and reels, appliances, and interior details (bathroom and galley fixtures) is a breeze. The purified water can also be used to fill your freshwater tank. No more cleaning the ice-maker, and do away with on-board bottled water. The cost and time-saving implications are endless. SAFETY FIRST: What other pieces of equipment do you use that does not have an off switch? We couldn’t think of one either. At FCI, we feel any properly engineered electrical machine operating in and around water should have a way to turn it off. Your safety demands it.

  •  Provides spot-free water from your municipal or dockside source.
  •  Spot-free rinse eliminates chamoising, saves time, and reduces maintenance.
  • 100% sealed electrical plug and large wheels for easy mobility. Installation kit includes Hi-grade hose, DTS+ Mobile fittings, TDS meter pen, and FCI Installation Guide. Cover sold separately.



The FCI DTS+ Auto (Dockside Treatment System) is another FCI Watermakers innovation. It is specifically designed to treat dock water while utilizing your existing watermaker's pump and control system. 

  • Provides spot-free water from your municipal or dockside source
  • Utilizes your existing pump and control system
  • Call us at 800-522-2656 for details



The FCI DTS+ SOLO is an on-board stand-alone, high output dockside water purifying unit, allowing you to enjoy fresh purified drinking and cooking water while dockside (Single-feed) or at sea (Dual-feed).

  • Purify dock water for drinking and cooking with no equipment on the dock needed
  • Spot-free wash-down saves time, with no need to chamois-dry surfaces
  • Call us at 800-522-2656 for details